The first big achievement of my ski racing career was going to the J4 Festival (ages 11-12) in McCall, Idaho.  That was two seasons ago and it was my first  regional event.  There are three regions in the U.S. and the Western Region includes Montana, Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Wyoming, Alaska, and Utah.  My best result at the J4 Festival was 4th out of 15 competitors in the Super-G.  Soon after that, I traveled  to Salt Lake City to test for my black belt in the Korean Martial Art of Soo Bahk Do.  I succeeded and am still practicing the art.  This past season I applied for the Stacey Cook/SVST Scholarship.  That went well and I was one of four out of  80 applicants to earn the scholarship.  Stacey Cook, a U.S. Ski Team athlete and Olympian, and everyone from SVST (Sun Valley Ski Tools) helped me SOOO much with everything from waxing and tuning tips, to advice on warming up before races!  Thank you Stacey and SVST!!  For anyone looking for a scholarship-- this one is great, I definitely recommend it.

During the 2010 season I qualified for J.O.'s (Junior Olympics), another regional event that is the same thing as the J4 Fest., but for J3's (ages 13-14).  I didn't do as well as I would have wished, with my best result being  56th out of 90 in the Super-G.  I was invited to the Western Region Fundamentals Camp the summer of 2010; it was a great experience and I learned a ton.  Besides that camp, I spent 22 days training on Mt. Hood.  

The 2011 season came around with tons of snow; which was awesome, so I guess you could consider the great POW skiing to be an achievement.  I was a second year J3 the 2011 season, and I qualified for J.O.'s again.  This time it was at Squaw Valley, California, a great resort for all-round skiing and especially for racing.  My results there didn't turn out great, but they were good.  My best single run was my first run of the GS, I came in 11th place.  Then my skiing deteriorated second run and I ended up 22nd.

Soon after J.O.'s, I was awarded with the "Northern Division Jim Barrier Gold Cup Award" which mean that I collected more World Cup points over the season than any other J3.  I earned the J3 Gold Cup because I skied consistently from the beginning to the end of the season, and that's why the award means a lot to me.  My efforts payed off, and consistency was the key. I was also awarded an Academic Award for maintaining a 4.0 GPA both semesters.  Keeping a 4.0 is very difficult, but the rewards are worth it and I have kept all 4.0's since 8th grade.   

In high school, I am a member of the National Honor Society which requires a 3.85 GPA or above.  I have taken internet classes online throughout the summer and last school year in order to attain enough credits to graduate a semester or year early.  So far that plan is looking like it's going to happen!  

This past season was one that started out sluggishly--it being my first year of international (FIS) competition.  Towards the end, I lowered my points at Canadian races.  I qualified for Western Regionals in Schweitzer, Idaho, but had starts way at the back of the pack, and I didn't do well overall.  

That's it for now!

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